Furnished Apartments in Bonn’s Südstadt

Together with Weststadt, Bonn’s Südstadt is one of the largest and best-preserved Wilhelminian-style districts in Germany. This district, which is characterized by its magnificent, stately houses, has retained its historical charm while offering a lively and modern quality of life. The impressive old buildings, many of which have been well preserved, give Südstadt an unmistakable flair and make it one of Bonn’s most popular residential areas.

Numerous restaurants and student pubs characterize the streetscape here and offer a wide range of gastronomic experiences.

From cozy cafés to upscale restaurants – there is something for every palate. The lively atmosphere of Südstadt is particularly evident in the balmy summer months and an after-work beer tastes especially good in the beer garden.The proximity to Bonn University ensures a young, dynamic environment. Numerous cultural events, concerts and festivals enrich life in the district and offer a wide range of leisure activities. The lively art and culture scene, which is at home in Südstadt, attracts many creative minds and makes the district a cultural hotspot.

Another highlight of Bonn’s Südstadt district is its proximity to Poppelsdorf Palace and the adjoining avenue. The baroque palace is a popular place for walks and leisure activities. The magnificent Poppelsdorfer Allee, which connects the palace with Bonn’s city center, is one of Bonn’s most beautiful streets and invites you to take a stroll with its spacious green areas and old trees.

The many green spaces and parks in Südstadt are ideal for jogging, cycling or simply taking a stroll. There are also several gyms and sports clubs in the area that offer a wide range of courses and training opportunities.

Many of the city’s important facilities and sights can be reached quickly and easily from Südstadt. The good public transport connections make it easy to explore all parts of Bonn.

Bonn’s Südstadt offers an ideal combination of historical flair, urban life and modern amenities.The wide range of leisure activities, excellent infrastructure and charming atmosphere make this district a popular place to live for people who are staying in Bonn for a limited period of time. Whether for business stays, a semester of study or a longer visit – in Südstadt you will find a furnished apartment to suit your needs.

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