Furnished Apartments in Cologne Südstadt and Severinsviertel

Cologne’s Südstadt district, especially the Severinsviertel, is a lively and charming neighborhood that is very popular with both locals and visitors.

Severinsstraße is a central shopping street that forms the heart of the district and invites you to stroll and linger with a variety of stores and cafés. Here you will find everything your heart desires – from small boutiques and grocery stores to cozy cafés and restaurants, and the numerous stores offer a colorful mix of traditional and modern goods that make shopping a special experience. The street is a central meeting point for the residents of Südstadt and a place where you can always bump into acquaintances and strike up a conversation.

Street festivals and carnival: Dä längste Desch vun Kölle

A special highlight in Severinsstraße is the annual street festival “Dä längste Desch vun Kölle” (Cologne’s longest table), which takes place in the third week of September. This festival transforms the street into a colorful mile full of stalls, music and good cheer. It is a community festival where residents and visitors celebrate together and enjoy the unique atmosphere. In addition to this festival, Severinsstraße is also an important venue for Cologne Carnival every year. As the start and end point of the famous Rose Monday parade, it attracts thousands of travellers who celebrate exuberantly and celebrate carnival traditions.

Historic Sights and Modern Amenities

Cologne’s Südstadt and Severinsviertel districts offer a perfect blend of historical sights and modern amenities. The Severinstorburg, one of Cologne’s historic city gates, is an impressive landmark and a reminder of the district’s long history. At the same time, Südstadt offers a wide range of modern leisure activities. From cozy cafés and bars to trendy restaurants and cultural institutions – there is something for every taste here.

Despite its central location, Südstadt also offers numerous opportunities for recreation and relaxation. The nearby Rheinauhafen invites you to stroll along the waterfront, and the many small parks and green spaces offer a retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here you can enjoy nature, go jogging or simply relax on a park bench.

Exclusive Furnished Rentals in Südstadt

The mixture of a lively shopping street, cultural highlights, historical sights and modern amenities makes Südstadt one of the most sought-after residential areas in Cologne. Zeitwohnen Rhein Ruhr offers you an up-to-date selection of fully furnished apartments in and around Südstadt that are available at short notice. Can’t find your favorite? Give us a call or contact us via our website – we are sure to find the perfect temporary home for you.

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