Furnished Accommodation in Essen

Your new job in Essen starts soon and all you need is a furnished apartment for the first few months? Take a look at Essen’s districts down below to find the perfect location for your new temporary home.

Essen is particularly known for its industrial history – coal mining having started as early as 1317. The city’s landmark is the old mine Zeche Zollverein, which has since been declared a UNESCO world heritage site.

Nowadays, Essen is an attractive hub for art and culture, as well as an academic city: 30,000 students attend Essen’s and Duisburg’s partner universities. The city is especially appealing due to its many green areas and lake Baldeneysee.

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Essen Altendorf
Essen Altenessen
Essen Bredeney
Essen Fronhausen
Essen Haarzopf
Essen Heisingen
Essen Holsterhausen
Essen Rüttenscheid
Essen Stadtwald
Essen Werden
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