FAQ for Tenants

Yes, there are no service costs for the tenants: all our offered flats and apartments are free of commission for tenants, due to § 2 Abs.1a MietNovG law.

Landlords who own furnished flats and have prepared them for the needs of short time tenants and business people. These apartments are ideal for today’s flexible working environments

The most common time span is 6 months, but it is generally between 3 months and 3 years. The option for extention periods or shortening the period of notice to 4 weeks is also often available, to make the rental process more flexible.

All of our flats are usually fully furnished; mostly you will also find dishes and pots, often even bedlinen and towels. Please see the exact description in the listed equipment for each individual apartment. There are however no homogeneous features as each landlord will provide different furnishings.
We are happy to arrange viewing appointments for you or to pass on the landlord’s contact data.
Contract partners are tenant and landlord. Zeitwohnen Rhein Ruhr may provide and prepare special forms of rental contracts for short time rental agreements.
Yes. Usually the deposit consists of two monthly rents. In case of shorter rental periods the deposit may be reduced to one monthly rent. The deposit serves as a security for the landlord in case of any damages caused by the tenant. Normally the deposit is paid back within two weeks after moving out. In some cases it will however be held back, for example if there are damages or additional payments for electricity or other utilities.
Usually the deposit will be transferred to your bank account shortly after return of the key to the apartment. The repayment may be delayed in case of claimed settlements or other open payments. A refund in cash payment is possible only after consultation with the landlord.
The flat has to be returned tidily and neatly. For a thorough cleaning of floor, windows and curtains and decalcification of bathrooms and kitchen appliances the landlord will raise a final cleaning fee. This fee depends on size and equipment of the apartment. After every moving-in and moving-out there is always a handover certificate prepared.